The Singular Objects of Architecture : Jean Baudrillard – Jean Nouvel


Jean Nouvel says, “ We can try to look for a way to improve the place, every time, bearing in mind the things which we evaluated before, which are often ruled by chance, and invent strategies, interpretations, poetics of situations and evaluate completely random elements and arrange a geography: “It is beautiful and I am going to reveal it to you…” It is an aesthetic of relevation, a way of taking a part of the world and saying: “I am going to take it and make you see it another way” […]

It is indeed necessary to bear in mind the fatal dimensions of the place, the alterations that you are going to make, to evaluate a certain number of possible scenarios, and tell yourself that what we are going to do there is the promise of a future that we do not know…”.


The Singular Objects of Architecture is an interview  between an architect and a philosopher that took place in Paris. Probing the limits of architecture and searching different directions of philosophy that could be extracted from methods for architectural research , Nouvel and Baudrillard discuss about landmark buildings, including globalization, modernism and postmodernism.  Their discussion becomes an imaginative exploration of the possibilities of modern architecture and the future of modern life. The singular objects are unique pieces, events.


According Baudrillard, “…the secret obviously becomes increasingly difficult in a world like our own, where everything is given to us totally promiscuously, so that there are no gaps, no voids, no nothingness; nothingness no longer exists, and nothingness is where secrecy happens, the place where things lose their meaning, their identity—not only would they assume all possible meanings here, but they would remain truly unintelligible in some sense”.


[photos: Architales on Pinterest]


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