Design Chapter: Chesterfield















[photos: Architales on Pinterest]


9 thoughts on “Design Chapter: Chesterfield

  1. Your blog is a feast for a starving mind. It’s all the classic arts in one. Thank you for visiting me and allowing me to visit you as well. I am captivated by your work here and hopefully will spend a lot of time here taking it all in.

  2. Love your blog, and this post nails it. My mother still refers to all manner of sofa, couch, and sectional as a “chesterfield”. I used to mock her for this reference, but seeing the gorgeous visuals you’ve selected, your keen eye has made me consider that dear ole Mom may have been on to something. Thanks for the likes…maybe we need to collaborate on a post or two. Cheers

  3. Although I’ve went Mid-Century Modern there is a soft spot in my heart for Chesterfields. It’s enough to make me go out and take up pipe smoking. Nice post.

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